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Hi there. We're The White Canvas, a London based creative design agency. With years of experience we have grown into an organisation with widespread expertise in brand development, print, packaging and web design with a varied portfolio of work that we are really proud of.

4 things to know about The White Canvas

1. We are your storytellers

Ever heard the saying ‘a picture paints a thousands words’?


Well, it does! For us, design is much more than the way something looks. It’s about the ability to evoke feelings, develop relationships, spark inspiration and journey through to discovery. 


We want to capture audiences and immerse them in your narrative. That’s why we’re committed to reigniting the age-old craft of storytelling as the driving force behind our design. 

2. We love a good cause

Design always feel better when it's driving positive change and that’s why we’ve got a soft spot for charities and not-for-profits.


Whether you’re fighting against poverty, demanding justice or saving the environment, we’ve got your back and will take your projects on as if they are our own. 

3. The pursuit of excellence

At The White Canvas, we consistently strive for excellence. This gives us a unique identity as a design agency – defining our design direction and process, and providing us with a framework for how we treat our clients and our colleagues.

4. We're in it for the long haul

Why be a one-off benefit, when we can be a long term provider? 


We want your endeavour to reach it’s fullest potential, and for that, we need to be committed to bringing your every idea to life. 


So, whether we’re serving individuals or businesses, we’re always looking for ways to create long-lasting, sustainable relationships that go beyond the odd project or two!

Amazing is what we do. You in?

It takes a diverse team of talented individuals to do extraordinary work. Join our team and begin your story here.

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