Corporate Social Responsibility

As a design and brand agency beyond the ordinary, we see our business in the context not just of our local and regional community, but also with our customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders both across the UK and overseas.


We strive all the time to ensure we integrate social and environmental considerations in how we work and what we do. Put simply we believe that it reflects our success even more so than our bottom line.


We’ve made some commitments to our internal and external stakeholders.

We will:
  • Share our success to assist those less fortunate in the community.

  • Use our resources, including our time and expertise to support a range of good causes, in turn helping those charities and communities groups meet their objectives and ultimately supporting their fundraising efforts.

  • Encourage our employees to do something positive for the community and will support them by gifting time or money, or both to make that possible as often as possible.

  • Take responsibility for continuously reducing our negative impact on the environment including the land, air and resources through reducing and recycling our waste, and where possible favouring environmental friendly solutions when delivering clients’ briefs or sourcing materials or creative solutions.

  • Use our influence as a communications agency to encourage others to enhance their positive social and environmental impact.

  • Work with the local community to support the implementation of solutions to social and environmental issues.


The White Canvas is fully committed to embedding Corporate Social Responsibility good practice throughout our agency including measuring, monitoring and reporting on progress openly to show that we are acting on these commitments.

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